Artist Statements


Shhh, Don't Tell

The Murmur Series is a body of work based on overheard conversations that can lead to indirect meanings, assumptions, and misunderstood statements. These assumptions, like the childhood game, Telephone, can result in outrageous, even comical scenarios. Throughout each painting, pieces of incomplete information are replayed and reassembled to form a new context. Layers of transparent, subtle color fill the picture plane, while representations of conversations emerge as dots, dashes, tally marks, and binary. Many of these marks are abstracted into uncontrolled loops, scratches and scribbles. Others, are autonomous, similar to what one creates while doodling on the phone while hearing the juicy, new town gossip. Like a rumor that fades, twisted and distorted, marks are wiped away to the point of barely existing; brought back, slightly, altered, and emphasized. Eventually, each painting becomes a negotiation – leading to a final compromise and resolve.

Lost in Reverie

Crossing the Threshold

Inner reflection can happen at any moment…not only when sitting quietly, but during moments of activity such as walking, riding, or even cooking or cleaning. These moments of thought, solitude, meditation, and quiet reverie are explored through layers of thick paint and expressive color.  Each painting in this series is an in-depth study of mankind’s contemplative instances, and the position and activities in which they transpire.


Garden of Solitude

The Illumination Series stemmed from an interest with the various emotions and moods that can be visually created through subtle and dramatic light in combination with the abstract human form. Internal and External illumination is explored through layers of transparent neutrals, transitioning warm and cool darks, and the application of thick contrasting, colorful bold marks. Intuitive, abstract swipes are made, and through the expressive ritual of scraping away and adding paint, figures emerge to discern a quiet need to be heard.


Life Line

The effects of time, loss, and the transformation that follows is central to the content of my work. Change is constant, and the metamorphosis involved is filled with transitional elements that serve as both direct and indirect means of transportation into new states of existence. These elements are explored through responsive mark-making; results of moments spent in contemplation and query concerning the effects of time, life cycles, and various states of flux within these circles of being. Throughout each painting, repeated loops of painted, fluid lines, and aggressive drawn marks enter the picture plane. These invading lines are wiped out and brought back, covering and uncovering past decisions. Through this erosion of paint, a transformation begins.Transparent layers of color and lines reveal parts of earlier imagery. This imagery, later in the painting process, causes an intuitive reaction to either destroy existing mark, or to make additional mark. The act of destroying imagery created during the beginning of the painting stages is symbolic to the destruction of a species, or the loss of a loved one. Swirling, loop-like forms invade the surface, similar to the way cells are overcome with cancer, or the way nature’s cyclic patterns alter the earth’s surface. These events are investigated through a variety of mixed media and mark-making tools, such as spray paint, rags, squeegees, paint, polymers, marker, charcoal and graphite. Once the ritual of painting has been completed, an awareness of transformation materializes, and a new state of consciousness is reached.